Mackage — Great Shopping Experience

Great shopping experience

Last November I was actively shopping for a new winter parka. I wanted something warm and stylish and in a colour that was not black. I had begun to despair that I would have to buy a black parka in a big and puffy style that would make me look like the Michelin man.

A visit to the Mackage store at Carrefour Laval changed everything, not only did they have the Urban style I was looking for but a nice brown colour that was more flattering on me than black. Sadly they didn’t have my size but the warehouse did. The price was admittedly a bit scary but the quality and design were equally high. Always the bargain hunter I extracted a promise from the manager to give me the Black Friday discount if one was offered in three weeks’ time.

I took my purchase home not expecting anything to come of it but lo and behold on the Thursday before Black Friday the manager called me and told me to come in to get my discount. I was impressed and showed up at the store bright and early Friday morning to collect my discount which turned out to be a whopping 27%. That turned my very expensive parka into just an expensive one and well worth the money, a real bargain.

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at the Carrefour Laval store. This is what a shopping experience should be and I highly recommend Mackage if you are looking for upscale outerwear for men, women and children.

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