Hoping to Eliminate Crabgrass

Me hoping to eliminate crabgrass

My front lawn has been plagued with crabgrass for the past few years and all my efforts to eliminate crabgrass have seemed to only make it worse. The infestation is especially bad next to the driveway where the concrete curb seems to generate the heat crabgrass needs to thrive.

It is pretty tough to eliminate crabgrass short of pulling it up blade by blade. I have tried pre-emergence herbicide but I have never able to get the timing right to plant grass seed in that narrow window between when the herbicide wears off and crabgrass seeds from my neighbours’ lawns blow in to reestablish my crop. So this year I am trying something different.

I raked up the dead crabgrass from last summer and loosened up the soil to get it ready for grass seed. Yesterday the forecast finally looked like the temperature was going to stay above 7°C so I got out my spreader and laid down grass seed. I have had good luck with Scotts seed in the past so for this job I used Scotts Lawn Response 9-1-1 a mixture of high-performance grass seed, organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. I hope it works.

Whenever it doesn’t rain I will be out with my sprinkler every day to keep the new seed moist and hope it will germinate before the dormant crabgrass seeds. Hopefully April showers will take care of most of the job because there is nothing like a warm spring rain to make things grow. Keep your fingers crossed that I will eliminate crabgrass once and for all this time.

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  1. Turn the soil over and plant zucchini, or tomatoes and basil, parsley, and oregano, and beans..climbing pole beans, so you don’t have to bend as much to pick them.. Call it a Victory Garden..!🙂

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