First Trip away from Home in a Month

Bob leaving house for first trip away from home

It has been a month since my last real outing. I have not left the house except for a daily constitutional around the neighbourhood.

Today I am off to an appointment with a doctor. All my other doctor visits have been on the telephone but science has not yet come up with a way to telephone Eylea injections for my age-related Macular Degeneration. (All my ailments now seem to be age-related) So my wife Susan and I set out for our first trip away from home, a visit to my retina specialist.

My visit every six weeks usually involves checking into a crowded clinic, sitting with dozens of other people waiting for a preliminary examination by a technician and a scan of my retina. Then I would be shuffled off to wait my turn with the doctor in another waiting room. The whole process usually takes about 90 minutes.

Today was different. I wasn’t allowed into the empty waiting room until the exact time of my appointment and Susan wasn’t allowed in at all. I was taken directly to the doctor’s office where a tech administered the usual drops and checked my vision. He was quickly followed by the doctor who administered the injection, apologized for spilling Iodine on my mask and told me to come back in six weeks and was gone as quickly as he came. The bright side was that the whole process took less than 20 minutes instead of the usual 90.

Finally, half-blind I had to find the right button in the elevator to get downstairs to where Susan was waiting to take me home. Not much of an adventure for my first trip away from home and an uncomfortable one at that.

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