First Restaurant Meal Since Reopening!

40 Westt

It was a special occasion. Our 35th wedding anniversary and Susan and I had been looking forward to a dinner out for months.

So off to our favourite restaurant on the West Island, 40 Westt. Big changes since our last visit in February, outside footprint markers for social distancing and once inside the door the hostesses were all masked and behind a plexiglass barrier. As we were escorted to our booth I noticed all the staff were masked and somehow managing social distancing in the kitchen. We also noticed a number of the tables had been removed to allow for 2 metres between clients. We felt comfortable about the precautions being taken.

Settled in our booth..seated in the centre to allow for social distancing from patrons in the adjacent booths we were offered a complimentary Prosecco to celebrate our anniversary. A nice touch. Instead of the usual leather-bound menus we were given a single sheet with food on one side and the wine list on the other. We didn’t mind as we pretty much have the menu memorized. We started by sharing a single Caesar Salad because the normal serving for two is huge.

Then it was time for the serious eating. I ordered my usual 16oz New York Strip medium-rare with fries and spinach. Susan wanted seafood and was offered shrimp that had just arrived and were not on the menu. They were huge, about the size of Lobster tails. She went for three of them with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach and a grilled portobello mushroom on the side.

Both meals were outstanding as usual as was the service and we cleaned our plates. Since it was a special occasion we finished off by splitting a strawberry shortcake. It was also delicious.

We returned home satisfied from a pleasant evening out and an impressive dining experience looking for our next special occasion..or return.

Let me know what you think.

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