first adventure

My Car’s First Adventure in Months

My barely six-month-old Volkswagen Golf GTI has been sitting in the garage for the past two months, except for the odd spin to keep the battery charged. Today however was a big day for my little VW, it was getting summer shoes. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go far from home. Autotech Performance in Pierrefonds

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More Covid-19 Video Project

My friends at Zensa Media have put together a third video of local and not so local luminaries sharing experiences. Designed to be inspirational and entertaining these videos show how we are all dealing with the now two-month-long self-isolation. I even get to put in my two cents about how I am dealing with Covid-19

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Covid-19 Video Project

The creative folks at Zensa Media are collaborating with Canadian and US personalities to create inspirational videos that also bring a much needed touch of humour to the current Covid-19 situation.

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Spring Finally Arrives

Until a few days ago I was wearing my winter parka for my daily walk through my neighbourhood. Temperatures even dipped below zero on some mornings. Then suddenly over the space of a few days came sunshine temperatures in the teens and warm spring rain replaced the cold late winter rain. Almost instantly my neighbours

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hoping to eliminate crabgrass

Hoping to Eliminate Crabgrass

My front lawn has been plagued with crabgrass for the past few years and all my efforts to eliminate crabgrass have seemed to only make it worse. The infestation is especially bad next to the driveway where the concrete curb seems to generate the heat crabgrass needs to thrive. It is pretty tough to eliminate

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Bob leaving house

First Trip away from Home in a Month

It has been a month since my last real outing. I have not left the house except for a daily constitutional around the neighbourhood. Today I am off to an appointment with a doctor. All my other doctor visits have been on the telephone but science has not yet come up with a way to

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